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  1. character (Score: 0)
    A number, letter, punctuation mark or other symbol that can be displayed by pressing a key on the keyboard.
  2. character device (Score: 0)
    A hardware device that is accessed with no buffering within the operating system. Although such device can be re...
  3. control character (Score: 0)
    A character that has an ASCII value of less than 32. These are often created by pressing the 'Ctrl' key along with ano...
  4. escape character (Score: 0)
    Decimal 27, octal 033 and hexadecimal 1b. character used in many cases as a flag to indicating the following sequence ...
  5. escaping characters (Score: 0)
    The process by which you remove the special significance of characters. This is often accomplished by proceeding the...
  6. metacharacter (Score: 0)
    A special character that is replaced by character strings by the shell.

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