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  1. ublock (Score: 0)
    The area of a process (user area) that contains the private data about the process that only the kernel may access...
  2. UDP (Score: 0)
    User Datagram protocol. An unreliable protocol that is used transmit data from one process to another across a {ne...
  3. UID (Score: 0)
    User ID. The number used to identify a specific user.
  4. umask (Score: 0)
    A mask that controls the permissions assigned to new files as they are create. Also file creation mask.
  5. UNIX (Score: 0)
    An operating system originally developed at Bell Laboratories.
  6. unload (Score: 0)
    To remove a program from memory.
  7. upgrade (Score: 0)
    To change a component to a better, typically newer version. Can refer to both hardware and software.
  8. UPS (Score: 0)
    Uninterrupted Power Supply.
  9. URL (Score: 0)
    Uniform Resource Locator. A 'network extension' to the standard filename concept. This allows access to files and dire...
  10. user account (Score: 0)
    The environment under which a user gains access to the system. This includes the logname, shell, home directory, e...
  11. user equivalence (Score: 0)
    The process by which accounts on two system are considered equal and authentication is not longer required for certain...
  12. user mode (Score: 0)
    The state of a CPU when it is executing the code for a user program that is accessing its own data space.
  13. user name (Score: 0)
    The name you use to gain access to the system. Also logname or login name.
  14. utility (Score: 0)
    Any command that performs more than just a simply function. An example would be fdisk as you can use it to create, del...
  15. UUCP (Score: 0)
    UNIX-to-UNIX Copy. A set of programs and protocols used to transfer files across serial lines, as well as perf...

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