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  1. Tb (Score: -1)
  2. TCP (Score: 0)
    Transmission Control Protocol. A reliable protocol that is used transmit data from one process to another across a {...
  3. terabyte (Score: 0)
    240 bytes.
  4. terminal (Score: 0)
    Video display unit with a keyboard and a monitor.
  5. terminate (Score: 0)
    To stop or end. May be either intentional or not.
  6. terminating resistors (Score: 0)
    Resistors at the end of a thin-wire network connect or SCSI bus that absorbs the signals and prevents them from bounci...
  7. text (Score: 0)
    The executable machine portion of a program. That is, the part of a program containing the instructions that a CPU...
  8. text file (Score: 0)
    A file containing text.
  9. text region (Score: 0)
    Also called text segment.
  10. third party (Score: 0)
    A individual or organization that provides something additional to the base system, typically used for hardware or sof...
  11. thrashing (Score: 0)
    When the system spends all of its time swapping and not performing any real work.
  12. throughput (Score: 0)
    The amount of work that a part of the system can process in a specified time. This can be anything from the number o...
  13. tilda (Score: 0)
    The ~ symbol. Used by several shells and other programs to represent a users home directory.
  14. time slice (Score: 0)
    The maximum amount of time a process can run without being preempted.
  15. TLB (Score: 0)
    Translation Look aside Buffer. Buffer within the CPU that contains pointers to pages.
  16. toggle (Score: 0)
    To switch between any two conditions. For example, to toggle from OFF to ON.
  17. token (Score: 0)
    Portions of a command line that need to be evaluated individually.
  18. track (Score: 0)
    The set of sectors on a hard disk at the same distance from the centre and on the same surface.
  19. transport layer (Score: 0)
    The layer of a network protocol stack responsible for getting the data from one machine to another.
  20. trap (Score: 0)
    An exception that is processes immediately after executing the instruction that generates the exception.
  21. troubleshoot (Score: 0)
    The process of tracking down and identifying a problem.
  22. TSS (Score: 0)
    Task State Segment. Contains the contents of all registers when a process is context switched out.
  23. tune (Score: 2)
    The process of changing parameters or characteristics to improve performance.
  24. type (Score: 0)
    The category that describes whether the file is a regular file, a directory, or other type of file.

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