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  1. I/O (Score: 0)
    Abbreviation for input/output. This refers to the transfer of data to and from peripheral devices.
  2. I/O port (Score: 0)
    The memory address used by the CPU to communicate with peripheral devices.
  3. ICMP (Score: 0)
    Internet Control Message Protocol.
  4. icon (Score: 0)
    A graphical representation of something.
  5. IDE (Score: 0)
    Integrated Drive Electronics. Common hard disk interface.
  6. idle (Score: 0)
  7. IDT (Score: 0)
    Interrupt Descriptor Table. Table containing pointers to the interrupt handling routines.
  8. init (Score: 0)
    The first 'real' process started that is responsible for managing all other processes.
  9. inode (Score: 0)
    Index or Information Node. This is a structure containing the basic information about a file such as owner, type, acce...
  10. inode table (Score: 0)
    Table at the start of a filesystem that contains pointers to the data on the hard disk.
  11. input (Score: 0)
    Data that is passed to a process.
  12. Input/Output (Score: 0)
    I/O. This refers to the transfer of data to and from peripheral devices.
  13. install (Score: 0)
    The process of laying out the operating system or adding new components (i.e. hardware or software) to an existing...
  14. interactive (Score: 0)
    A program or application is said to be interactive when it reacts to input provide by the user.
  15. interface (Score: 0)
    A well-defined connection between two objects, such as between two hardware components, hardware and software compon...
  16. Internet (Score: 0)
    The collection of computers, networks and their interconnections that is more or less publicly accessible.
  17. interrupt (Score: 0)
    A signal from a hardware device indicating the devices wants 'attention.' This can include things like an indicato...
  18. interrupt handler (Score: 0)
    Special routines within the kernel that handle interrupts.
  19. Interrupt Service Routine (Score: 0)
    Another term used for an interrupt handler.
  20. invoke (Score: 0)
    The process of starting a program.
  21. IP (Score: 0)
    Internet Protocol. Standard by which packets of information are sent to the appropriate location within a network....
  22. IP address (Score: 0)
    Unique address within a network that uses the Internet protocol.
  23. IRQ (Score: 0)
    Interrupt vector. The hardware setting indicating what line a device will generate an interrupt.
  24. ISA (Score: 0)
    Industry Standard Architecture.
  25. ISDN (Score: 0)
    Integrated Services Digital Network.
  26. ISO (Score: 0)
    International Standards Organization. International body that sets standards in the classification of materials, good,...
  27. ISP (Score: 0)
    Internet Service Provider.
  28. ISR (Score: 1)
    Interrupt Service Routine. Special routines within the kernel that handle interrupts.
  29. IT (Score: 0)
    Information Technology.
  30. ITU (Score: 0)
    International Telecommunications Union.

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