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  1. hang (Score: 0)
    To lock up or 'freeze', briefly or permanently, without terminating.
  2. hard disk (Score: 0)
    Peripheral device consisting of (usually) metal platters or disks, used to store data.
  3. hard link (Score: 0)
    A file with a different full path name but the same inode number.
  4. hardware (Score: 0)
    Physical components of a computer.
  5. hardware flow control (Score: 0)
    Controlling the flow of data across a serial cable by using line signals rather than control characters.
  6. hardware-mediated bus (Score: 0)
    A bus to which the access is determined by special hardware, not software.
  7. Hayes command set (Score: 0)
    Standard set of modem commands. Also AT command set
  8. head (Score: 0)
    The part of a hard disk that does the read and writing of data to the physical medium.
  9. header (Score: 0)
    Information included at the beginning (head) of transmitted data. A header will identify the information being sent and ...
  10. hexadecimal (Score: 0)
    The numerical system of counting with sixteen digits-023456789ABCDEF. Also called base 16.
  11. hit ratio (Score: 0)
    The ratio of times that information was available to the number of times it was requested. For example, if data is reque...
  12. home directory (Score: 0)
    The directory defined by your $HOME environment variable. This is normally the same directory you end up in after yo...
  13. hops (Score: 0)
    The number of connections that need to be made to reach a destination. For example, if you want to go from machine A to ...
  14. host (Score: -1)
    Any computer. Normally used when the computer is on a network.
  15. host adapter (Score: 0)
    An expansion card that serves as the interface between the systems expansion bus and a SCSI bus. This is often erroneous...
  16. host equivalence (Score: 0)
    State whereby two machines are considered equal in terms of user access rights. This is normally accomplished through th...
  17. hostname (Score: 0)
    The system name or machine name.
  18. HOWTO (Score: 0)
    Linux documentation describing a specific procedure or details of a specific aspect of the system.
  19. HTML (Score: 0)
    Hypertext Markup Language. text formatting language used in WWW documents
  20. HTTP (Score: 0)
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol. protocol used to transfer WWW documents.
  21. Huffman coding (Score: 0)
    A data compression technique which varies the length of the encoded data in proportion to its frequency, that is the m...

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