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  1. absolute mode (Score: 0)
    Changing file permissions using the 3-digit octal numbers instead of the letters.
  2. absolute path (Score: 0)
    The path name for a file or directory beginning at the root directory and including the leading slash (/).
  3. accelerator keys (Score: 0)
    Keystrokes that select menu options of functions without pressing the button or selecting the menu.
  4. access (Score: 0)
    To connect to or use a resource such as a file, hard disk, tape drive, network, and so forth.
  5. access control (Score: 0)
    The mechanisms and policies used to prevent unauthorized access to system resources.
  6. account (Score: 0)
    The environment that a user accesses in order to log into the system.
  7. active partition (Score: 0)
    The partition from which the hardware will normally try to boot. However, LILO does not need to boot from the active...
  8. active window (Score: 0)
    The window currently accepting input.
  9. Adapter Description File (Score: 0)
    ADF. File provided with MCA devices on the options disk which contains configuration information for that device.
  10. address (Score: 0)
    The location, when used to refer to memory, hard disks, computers on a network, and so forth.
  11. administrator (Score: 0)
    The person who manages a computer system or network.
  12. Advanced Graphics Port (Score: 0)
    Expansion bus especially designed for video cards.
  13. AGP (Score: 0)
    Expansion bus especially designed for video cards.
  14. algorithm (Score: 0)
    Logical sequence of defined steps used to perform a specific task. Typically used in programming languages.
  15. alias (Score: 0)
    A name that is more commonly used or is easier to remember that represents something else. If your shell supports alia...
  16. alias tracks (Score: 0)
    Tracks that are used to store data contained in bad tracks.
  17. Alt (Score: 0)
    The Alternative or Alternate Key on the keyboard. When pressed, it typically changes the behaviour of other keys.
  18. analog (Score: 0)
    a continuously variable signal or circuit. Compare to digital.
  19. anchors (Score: 0)
    Hypertext links. A anchor or hypertext link is a link from one document to another.
  20. ANSI (Score: 0)
    American National Standards Institute. An organization that defines standards and conducts standards testing in the Unit...
  21. anti-caching (Score: 0)
    Occurs when adding more memory makes machine run slower. Sometimes, the CPU cannot cache everything, so it cache...
  22. API (Score: 0)
    Application programming interface. Set of functions and their conventions used by applications to interaction with eac...
  23. APM (Score: 0)
    Advanced Power Management.
  24. application (Score: 0)
    A computer program that performs a particular task, such as word processing or managing a database.
  25. Application programming interface (Score: 0)
    API. Set of functions and their conventions used by applications to interaction with each other or the {operating syst...
  26. arbitration (Score: 0)
    process to determine which device has access to a particular resource, such as the system bus.
  27. archive (Score: 0)
    The process of storing data for later retrieval.
  28. ARP (Score: 0)
    Address Resolution Protocol. A means of converting IP addresses to MAC addresses.
  29. ASCII (Score: 0)
    American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This is only the 128 character set and does not contain non-Englis...
  30. AT command set (Score: 0)
    See Hayes command set.
  31. atomic (Score: 0)
    Indivisible. Typically used to referred to operations that cannot be interrupted until they are completed.
  32. authorization (Score: 0)
    The ability to access a particular system function or resource.
  33. auto answer (Score: 0)
    Setting your modem to automatically answer when an incoming call is received.
  34. automounter (Score: 0)
    The process that automatically mounts an NFS filesystem when a file or directory under the mount point is acce...
  35. awk (Score: 0)
    A programming language on many UNIX systems.

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